Cowbell Brewing Co.

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Five Cowbell beer varietals show off design consistency across the produce line. Flavours pictured: Absent Landlord, Doc Perdue's Bobcat, Kelly's Contraption, Doc Perdue's Boxing

Robin worked on this brand from start to finish, from creating the company brand name, tag line, all the beer varietals names and stories, as well as directing all creative for the packaging and brand collateral. Located in small rural town in Ontario, this craft brewer had to bring people both to the destination brewery and to liquor retail stores. The town has been transformed as the brewery has become a Canadian destination under the leadership of the incredible Cowbell team.

“The brand for Cowbell has been instrumental in our start-up success. The name and the logo connect with people and elicit ‘more Cowbell!’ comments wherever we go with our beer. The brand enjoyed early acceptance, significantly bolstered by the strength of the packaging and our story. We couldn’t have done this without a solid, authentic brand and the creative work by Arcane, led by Robin Honey.”

Founder & CEO of Cowbell Brewing Co.
Steven Sparling

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