Navigreat Fine Food Co.

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illustrated map of the United States for Navigreat - every state represents a unique food product.

This Arizona-based client needed to find a new brand name and identity that identified the evolution of their business that had significantly changed since their inception. Navigreat was a name Robin developed along with the tagline ‘Finding new taste territories’ that worked for the dual audience of both foodpreneurs and food retailers. The logo and ‘food map’ helped bring whimsy and direction, clearly delineating the brand position.

“There are so many consumer food businesses in the U.S. and we wanted to avoid any trademark problems as well as distinguish ourselves as unique. The other important element was that we have several different audiences - the foodpreneurs we help - and the manufacturers and retailers we distribute to. The brand Robin created for us has worked equally well for all our customers and has the humour that breaks through the clutter.”

Greg Bruni
President of Navigreat Fine Foods Co.

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